Shakespeare creates tension through dramatic irony by creating evil witches that offer the main character the crown of Scotland. Before the witches offer great power they curse an innocent woman only because she refused to share her nuts with one of the witches.The witch then curses the husband ( a sailor) and all his crew, […]

John Soliloquy A from Joel North on Vimeo.

Macduffs wife interprets his flight to England as madness. Macduff’s son teases his mother. Then a messenger appears to warn of danger. The messenger warns lady Macduff to flee with her children because terrible danger is near. The murderes enter. They kill his son and pursue macduffs wife to murder her off stage.

The witches have said that the time has come to speak to Macbeth. Concentrated to their spell, they chant as they circle the cauldron, throwing in many ingredients to make a brew. Then the witches finish their brew are congratulated by Hecate. Macbeth enters and challenges then to answer what he asks, irrespective of the […]

Macbeth changed after 3 acts by holusinating banquos ghost and had turned mad and guilty for killin Duncan and his beloved friends and family. He has turned phsyco with much power and paranoid. He murder all who threaten him, embarks on wars to defend his position, and continues to seek out the witches to see […]

In this scene Hecate argues with the witches for speaking to Macbeth without her. Hecate then tells them to meet her at the pit of Acheron to tell Macbeth his destiny. She promises to use magic to ruin Macbeths confidence.

“I am in blood Stepped in so far that should I wade? No more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er” I think Macbeth has been walking through the blood of the people that he has killed. The pool of blood has started to rise and he thinks to himself to stop and turn back […]